Zucchini "Pasta" with Chicken Sausage

Prep Time

20 minutes

Cooking Time

20 minutes


4 - 6 servings


4-5 large sized zucchinis --- This will be the pasta "noodles"  :) 

2-3 chicken sausages of your choice from the butcher!!! (cut outside membrane of the sausage and discard)  or 1 lb of ground chicken

5 vine ripe tomatoes - cubed (put in side bowl for adding to skillet later - save the tomato juice that comes out too) 

1 c. of fresh basil leaves

1 whole garlic clove - minced or diced

1/4 c. Italian parsley chopped 

1/4 c. sweet yellow onion chopped

1/4 c. bell pepper (any color) chopped

1/4 c. mushrooms diced 

Olive Oil


Italian Seasoning

Garlic Powder






*Make your zucchini pasta ahead of time before starting to cook. See hyperlink below in the notes for the zucchini grater that I use. 

Italian Chicken Sausage Marinara Sauce

In a large skillet with olive oil saute the onion, mushroom, and bell pepper on medium heat for 5 minutes.

Add the ground chicken sausage to the pan along with salt and pepper, and mix in with vegetables stirring frequently and cook for 10 minutes or until chicken sausage is no longer pink. 

Add fresh garlic, Italian parsley, and cubed vine ripe tomatoes to the pan. This would be a great time to add the rest of the spices from the ingredients list above and stir everything together in the pan and let it simmer, covered, for 10 minutes. The cubed tomatoes will heat and create a nice pasta sauce!! 

Zuchini Pasta Time!!

While your amazing sauce is simmering, its time to cook your zucchini pasta!!

In a saute pan or wok add a few table spoons of olive oil and place on medium heat. Add the zucchini pasta along with a dash of salt and pepper and stir every 30 seconds for about 5-7 minutes.

Place zucchini pasta in a bowl and top it with your delicious Italian chicken sauce!!! 


You'll need a vegetable grater for this one to create your zucchini "pasta"! This is the one I use. 

A note for the future: If you blend your tomatoes and freeze them in a quart size bag, this can help speed the process of making your own sauce!